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Booking Fees:
Please contact us with your requirements for a quote and booking information.

Hot Fingers offer a range of performances to suit your needs:

Hot FingersThe Hot Fingers “Show” (suitable for theatres, village halls and other intimate venues)
This consists of two one-hour sets with a suitable interval, and includes a wide variety of the different styles on the full range of instruments, interspersed with anecdotes and information on the music and its history. For a flavour of this band please listen to Hot Fingers two CDs, Smile and In Glorious Mono.

Hot Fingers with Emily Campbell Hot Fingers entertaining performance with the wonderful addition of Emily’s vocals.

Spats Langham‘s Hot Combination (suited to larger venues, Jazz Festivals, and public performances)
The Hot Combination is Hot Fingers augmented into a larger band featuring some of the countries finest musicians of this genre. For a flavor of this band, please listen to the Hot Combination's two CDs “Night Owl” and “The Hottest Man In Town”.

Background Music
We can also provide background music and atmosphere for your garden party, function or celebration with a low-key and informal performance. This can be ‘Gypsy Jazz’ with two guitars and a double bass, or a more ‘Early Jazz’ feel with banjo, sousaphone and clarinets, or a mixture of the two, and may be combined with a more upbeat performance later on.

Special Occasions Band
For weddings and other special occasions, Hot Fingers can provide suitable jazz and background music during the day, along with lively dance music for the evening. We can also swap to electric instruments (augmented with a drummer) to give you a tasteful mix of music from The Kinks to Johnny Cash, and from the Blues Brothers to Madness. Hot Fingers also play in a Ska band suitable for dancing, festivals and parties — please contact us for more information. For weddings Emily Campbell (a trained and performing Opera singer) can also provide appropriate music for the church.

Hot FingersAd-Hoc Performances
(suited to Jazz Festivals, informal public performances and private parties). Here the nature and timing of the performance is tailored to the specific venue and audience, drawing from our vast repertoire.

Hot Fingers can perform in suitable clothing ranging from very formal (dinner jackets or tail-suits) to very informal depending on the venue and customers requirements.

Sound Requirements
Hot Fingers often play acoustically in small venues, and can provide a suitable PA for mid-sized venues (80-160 people). For larger venues please see our sound requirements.

Stage Plans for Booked Events:
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Hot Fingers with Emily Campbell

Hot Fingers
In Glorious Mono

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